Thursday, June 12, 2014

Using Cash inhibits Less Cash Society Application

Efforts Bank of Indonesia (BI) to encourage non-cash transactions in Indonesia knock people's behavior, which is used to deal with using cash. "To that end, the central bank launched a cash less society. The cash could be reduced if severe, is currently only capable of Sweden. It just slows down, it's nice, "said Deputy Director of Policy and Payment System Oversight BI, Yura A. Djalins, in Jakarta, Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

He asserted, that in order to encourage, program cash less society, it is focusing on developing e-money instruments that the rules have been updated, including abolishing the minimum transaction of Rp 50 thousand to zero rupiah.

"If the credit card is not a good fund (because the funds are a loan), there are risks. Late last year we had to restrict the issuance of credit cards as a result of the risk is big enough, "he said.

Meanwhile, for debit cards, tend to be more popular, but are different characters with e-money that is designed to facilitate the public to conduct  small account transactions.

"Then repeated and used in bulk. such as for transportation, "he added.

Every year, the central bank to pay around Rp 2 trillion for the procurement and distribution of cash to all parts of Indonesia. While the e-money transactions is far demand, with average nominal daily transaction amounting to Rp 7, 7 billion in April 2014. Fact of BI data, there are approximately 30.5 million e-money instruments circulating in the community, but the volume of transactions amounted to only 13.48 million. If the hit rate of the instrument of the transaction in a month, then half of the outstanding instruments not used at all.

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