Monday, June 9, 2014

How FSA handle the Consumer Complaint

Financial Services Authority (FSA) said they would continue to perform its coordination with relevant parties to resolve any complaints or disputes in the sector, financial services institutions (LJK) in providing protection to the public.

This statement was delivered by the Education Sector Board Member and Commissioner of Consumer Protection FSA, Kusumaningtuti S. Soetiono, after the optimization of Consumer Protection by the Institute of Financial Services, at the Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta, Monday, June 9, 2014.

"If the Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), number one, if we receive complaints, we confirm to the financial institution, find the truth, and handling. Second, if we ask for the documents already dispute, "she said.

Moreover, he added, there must be coordination with the concerned supervisor. Therefore, if there are aspects of the offense the FSA will continue to supervisor. While these problems are cracking down on the supervisor. "As if insurance through Non-Bank Financial Industry supervisor. But if the only dispute, resolved through the FSA, "she said.

"So there was a question, later resolved by the FSA or the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute (ADRI). Right, direction to LAPS, if insurance by BMAI. But it is still a process. If so complex, we facilitation. First, it must be completed by the (Financial Guarantee Institution) itself, "added Kusumaningtuti.

Therefore, he mensarankan to create a working group. "We make a working group and CP. And second, through the completion of ADRI respectively, but if the new FSA requires facilitation. So preferably finishing industry, "she concluded.

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