Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Credit of Mutiara Bank only repaid 25%

PT Mutiara Bank Tbk noted, From 11 companies of total debtors, only 9 companies whose good intentions to pay their debts to the Bank Mutiara. Because of the total debt of Rp 600 billion provided by Bank Mutiara to the company, on average, only 25 % were satisfied.

"Most are cooperative, already realize, there are some companies that amount already paid his debt to Rp 150 billion from Rp 600 billion in total debt, so more or less on average had 25 % of the debtor, all is almost done," said Corporote Secretary of Bank Mutiara, Rohan Hafas, in Equity Tower, Jakarta, Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

While the two companies that do not have good intentions to pay his debt to PT Bank Mutiara are Enerindo and PT  Catur Karya Manunggal. If totaled form both companies, overall debt is around Rp 240 billion, whereas if calculated in detail, PT Enerindo has a debt of Rp 174.9 billion and PT Catur Karya Manunggal  has Rp 65, 9 billion .

"There will be reported and progress again, the number of debtors, I focus on the bad debts and that there are 11 debtor, it has not been cooperative so 9 has been the progress of all, the two companies namely PT Enerindo not progress, the overall rate of Rp 174.9 billion, PT Catur Karya Manunggal , amounting to Rp 65.9 billion," he said .

Meanwhile, one of which almost paid is PT Bank Mutiara Polymers. The company has a debt of Rp 170 billion. According to him, PT Polymer already paid his debt to 70 % of the total debt mentioned. "PT polymer is almost paid off, worth Rp 170 billion and it 's almost 100 %, more than 70 %," he explained.

Given that there are two companies that do not have good intentions to pay its debts to the Mutiara Bank, Rohan confirmed, it will take legal measures on the two companies. "We will take our actions, such as subpoena and other. This June the deadline, unless they take the cash and pay then we will not legal journey, " he concluded .

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