Monday, June 23, 2014

Financial Services Authority (FSA) is Considered Has No Benefits

Passage of banking supervision has been previously held by Bank Indonesia (BI) and switching to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is considered no benefits, even though the bank supervision by the FSA has been running about half a year.

This statement was delivered by the Chairman of the National Commercial Bank (Perbanas) Sigit Pramono, FSA Watch a public discussion on the theme "1 Year Evaluation FSA Benefits Considering" at Wisma Antara, Jakarta, Monday, June 23, 2014.

"FSA is an super organization may be more super than BI, because BI still has the Bank Supervision Agency as supervisor. So far, the benefits are seen from the FSA to the Bank is still not over half of this year, "said Sigit.

Thats statement, in line with the objection to levies made by the FSA to the banking industry. Because the charges have put a strain on banks, which will inevitably also have impact to the customers.

Therefore, according to him, the FSA supervision of the banking industry which has been running a half years is considered not yet has positive impact, and there is no mutual although banks have to pay the levy.

"Until now, though it is has been half a year,  not seemed to benefit from the FSA, but we actually see a burden on us because we have to pay fees to the FSA," said Sigit.

Furthermore, he hopes that the FSA as banking supervisor can play an active role in supervising national banks, as long as it continued Sigit, that national banks have already paid the dues to the FSA.

In addition, he also asks for banking supervision is better to be returned to the Central Bank, as long as the banks are supervised by BI is not done levies as implemented by the FSA. However, the FSA does not need to be dissolved because the FSA still needs to keep an eye on the stock market.

"I am more likely that bank supervision is returned to the Central Bank, meaning it does not need to disband FSA FSA should also keep an eye on because of the stock market but not to supervise banks," said Sigit.

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