Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Banks of NCBBA 4 are Interested with Digital Financial Services

Bank Indonesia (BI) notes there are 10 banks Non- Commercial Bank Business Activity (NCBBA) 4, which is interested in running the Digital Financial Services (DFS). When acquiring permission from the central bank, the banks are not allowed to use the services of the individual agents.

"A lot, it turns out there are already some banks entry to hold law-enforcement agencies, which could have articulated other law-enforcement agencies, as well as TPT (cash cashing place)," said Executive Director Policy and Payment System Oversight BI Rosmaya Hadi, on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

She said that there are ten banks are not interested in. NCBBA 4 DFS. Bank itself, further Rosmaya, will soon issue  as an instruction guide implementation DFS. While the use of rules is Bank Indonesia Regulation on electronic money (e-money).

Similarly, a bank must have an e-money license if you want to go in developing the DFS. BI itself directs the expansion of access to services and financial services to the people in the country according the National Program for Financial Inclusion through the development of e-money, which will run through DFS.

"Wait for all DFS. They should see it because there is a change, for example, need an independent IT security audits and external, " said Rosmaya.

According to her, the whole institution which has attained an e-money license and run it, can go execute DFS. However, especially for banks in NCBBA 4 categories, given the flexibility to take advantage of individual agents. The central bank in terms of assessing risk management, capital, networks and information technology, NCBBA 4 is much better prepared and qualified.

"So 17 issuers (issuers of e-money), there are 9 bank, then they can run the DFS. It could all come DFS. Other (NCBBA 4) just do it but do not hold an individual, because it applies only CBBA 4 banks at an early stage, "Rosmaya lid.

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