Friday, June 27, 2014

Banks Will Still Have Trouble with Liquidity and Capital

To handle the state-owned bank capital can consolidate, expecting to get additional, very difficult from the government, and also in the rights issue because the government will share the deluded. Indonesian banks within the next 10 years will be faced with the question of liquidity and capital.
Currently, the condition of the loan to deposit ratio (LDR) is above 90%. "The condition of the next 10 years banking liquidity will be tight and, unlike 10 years earlier that loose liquidity," said President Director of Bank Mandiri, Budi Sadikin, the discussion in Congress Broad Plain Perbanas 2014: "Expectations of the Government's New Banking, Jakarta, Thursday, June 26, 2014.

According to Budi Sadikin, to overcome liquidity, legal and tax infrastructure needed to attract foreign funds in foreign countries which are relatively much. In addition, Budi Sadikin also confirmed to increase the penetration perbankkan faster so there is additional liquidity from the public.

Meanwhile, to overcome capital to state-owned banks to consolidate, because the additional hope of the government is very difficult and also the rights issue because the government will share the deluded.

Banking analysts, Eko B. Supriyanto added, tight liquidity problem has occurred in the last year is due to the impact of credit growth is always duoble digits higher than growth funds. "The banks will be competing for liquidity with interest rate war," he explained.

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