Tuesday, December 24, 2013

TPPI Denies that Become Mutiara Bank's Debtor

Outstanding issues linkages PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia (TPPI) which causes the bank's capital declined , denied by TPPI. Because it is not involved at all. PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia (TPPI) denies that there is a correlation with PT Bank Mutiara capital decreased due to old debtors experiencing congestion. In the said information, the four debtor has a business relationship with TPPI .

" This data is not accurate regarding TPPI is a group of debtors in  Mutiara Bank. We would like to inform you that the data from this information is incorrect bank's group of debtors. We are also not the debtor of Bank of pearls , we do not have a credit facility from  Mutiara Bank, " said Vice President Director of PT TPPI , Basha G. Hima , in Jakarta , Tuesday, December 24, 2013 .

According to him , so far it has never had a loan facility from  Mutiara Bank . Because , until now the company never received a loan from local banks including  Mutiara Bank . Because the funds that the issue is not enjoyed by TPPI ever received from a loan transaction or the debtor obtained four Selalang PT Prima International , PT Polymer Spectrum Sentosa , PT Trio rhythm , and Chess Karya PT Manunggal .

"On transactions or loans obtained four borrowers of the bank's funds were never flowed to us (TPPI), who said we were enjoying. Debtor is not accurate data, " he said .

According to him , the issue involving TPPI has disturbed the process of revitalization of government assets . This is in line with the overall assets already held by the government and Pertamina Asset Management Company (PPA). "We wanted this clarification, just because his old owner already not, but a scar now even linked, we were disappointed with this, that this is not true and disturbing revitalization government assets, as we have already held by the government, " he said .

As known earlier, the decline of capital caused by the debtor bank's long stalled. Debtor - old debtor who has a long relationship with management as a result, had to use a bank's capital to increase the allowance for reserve assets .

Based on his record, total loans ( non-performing loans / NPL ) Pearl Bank as of September 2013 reached Rp 1,02 trillion . Of these, the majority, or 82.8 % valued at Rp 840,21 billion from the debtors legacy of the old management. While the rest worth Rp 174,80 billion, or about 17.2 percent of a new debtor NPL .

Some debtors legacy of the old management was included in the 10 debtors recipients Letter of Credit ( L / C ) which by the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) is considered problematic .

From a total of Rp 840,21 billion NPL legacy of the old management, known around Rp 411,5 billionth derived from the four companies that reportedly has a business relationship with PT Trans-Pacific Petrochemical INDOTAMA ( TPPI ). They include Selalang PT Prima International, PT Polymer Spectrum Sentosa, PT Trio Irama , and Chess Karya PT Manunggal.

The four companies have been restructuring in 2011, but since May 2013 simultaneous sudden stop payment installments . The bank direct credit classify four companies of collectibility 2 to 5 .

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