Saturday, December 14, 2013

BJB Sharia Plan Expansion to Western Europe

Opportunities European market, which is still large, making BJB plans to expand into one of the countries of western Europe . PT Bank Jabar Banten Syariah ( Sharia BJB ) is planning to spread its wings translucent in the European market. The ambition is to make the history of the company with the technology area .

     Director of BJB Sharia, Riawan Amin said he was very optimistic once to enter the European market, although not yet able to provide certainty for expansion in the European country .

" For the local spots where I can not talk about , that there must have been at some point , especially in western European countries that entered the European Economic Community of Muslims, " said Riawan, when met at the Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) Jakarta, Friday, December 13, 2013 .

Furthermore, he explained, is associated with the fund company is not concerned. Because the current funding already in place if regulators in Europe have been allowed .

" Regarding capital , we do not have a problem , we want to get into Europe first. for regulation supports all there anyway . This I believe , is able to invest , I think lighter in Europe than opening investment in neighboring countries , " he said .

The groundbreaking, so far it is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (Embassy ). "We are ambitious to make history, local banks with local technology can penetrate the European market , it is our breakthrough . It also supported our embassy, "he said .

According Riawan, the decision to expand into the European market has entered into the budget of the company in 2014. "I am already enter into the budget of 2014, we will open with subsidiaries such as, for example, BJB Sharia Europe , " he concluded .

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