Friday, December 6, 2013

Credit Cards Became Lifestyle

Research shows that the use of credit cards by high society strongly influenced by value -added . What is it ?
Increased upper middle income people lead to increased needs that need to be accommodated by the banking industry, especially in terms of availability of credit cards. Being reasonable with the increase in the welfare of the community began to make a credit card as a lifestyle, not just a means of payment .

HSBC Indonesia research results in 2013 showed that the use of credit cards by high society is strongly influenced by the added value or benefit gained. This segment is a group of customers who looked at the credit card is not just a means of payment .

"Not only used as a means of payment , but also as access to enjoy a variety of special offers to support the lifestyle", said HSBC Indonesia Head of Customer Value Management, Vira Widiyasari , in Jakarta, Thursday, December 5, 2013 .

Vira recognizes that today's credit card has been used as an intermediate people's lifestyles upwards. Moreover, the consumption of the upper middle segment increased , credit card Platinum types grow more rapidly with the growth in the number of active cards by 47 % YoY (year on year / yoy ).

To accommodate the needs of middle- to upper -income people, HSBC Indonesia has been providing value -added back in HSBC Visa Platinum. The card was issued in the hope of providing added value to our customers dynamic lifestyle.

"The solution for customers who want to enjoy the best experience of the fashion trade and dining", obviously Vira.

One of the inherent features of the HSBC Visa Platinum Card is 50:50 Saturday Shopping that gives customers the opportunity to enjoy a discount of 50 % from every purchase of the latest fashion products only in exchange for its 50 point rewards .

In addition, the added Vira, customers can also choose shopping vouchers from leading brands in exchange for 250 reward points in the HSBC Rewards Lounge at various malls. HSBC Visa Platinum provide direct benefits in the form of reward points are easily exchanged to enjoy a variety of special offers .

" Life is dynamic. Those who love fashion, dining, foreign transactions will be accommodated by HSBC Visa Platinum. It is time Rewards Your Life, Now ", concluded Vira.

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