Friday, December 27, 2013

BI Asks Mutiara Bank to Resolve Bad Debt of Five Debtors

The Mutiara Bank is expected to solve the five debtors loan problem, in order to collect the installment should be paid. Who are they ? Bank of Indonesia ( BI ) has called Mutiara Bank to be able to resolve the issue of it’s loan to five debtors , which has Deposit Insurance Corporation, should inject capital amounting to Rp 1,2 trillion to Mutiara Bank.

"To the Mutiara Bank's management and shareholders, in this case, Deposit Insurance Corporation, must rigorously to manage the Bank, and  concentration to Five Debtors which related non-performing loans ", said Agus DW Martowardojo, BI governor, at the Bank of Indonesia, Jakarta, Friday, December 27, 2013 .

Remembering Mutiara Bank is facing problems related with bad loans on five major debtors stop paying the mortgage since May 2013. As for the five debtors are Selalang PT Prima International, PT Polymer Spectrum Sentosa, PT Trio Rhythm and PT Karya Manunggal Chess has a total debt of Rp 411,5 billion, and PT Enerindo owned Tantular who owe Rp 174, 6 billion to Bank Mutiara.

To give respond, Agus said he hadn’t ever think that the bank's bad debts will face problems in the first half of 2013. BI see The bank has good asset quality and has reserves sufficient funding to deal with the worst economic conditions. Bad loans of five debtors have caused bank's reserve fund has been disrupted.

"Now, Mutiara bank has reserves worst conditions are good, in terms of capital adequacy we feel too it already , good capital adequacy . And we know in advance that the five had was uneventful , really fitting then fell in the first half of 2013, and that we have to do , "said Agus .

Further, Agus hoped that Mutiara bank's problems could get support from various parties, especially the government and law enforcement. "It's the bank's efforts to obtain justice, and if there are rogue debtors that must be dealt with, do not be like the others, suddenly credit quality is fallen," he said .

Therefore, Bank of Indonesia continues to push  Deposit Insurance Corporation as the bank's owners to be more intensive examination of the bank's finances, given the bank's been through the restructuring process. "If it had already been restructured and then fell again, that's for sure understand is that management and shareholders have to check it every month of every quarter there should be progress," he explained .

"In addition , the banking industry is so healthy that there will not then there is a bank account that can not be healthy or balance sheet assets and we all could just hear the shocking news , " Agus cap .

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