Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sharia Banking is Predicted to Grow 34.7% -50.7% in 2014

With over competition liquidity , sharia banking industry can be expected to grow further over. Islamic banking industry is expected to grow further over the sharia banking industry despite only projected to grow by 34.7 % to 50.7 % in 2014 .

" With this growth figure is felt, seen from the competition liquidity despite economic conditions that occurred during the 2013 Indonesia shaken problem , " said the chief Shariah Economic Community Muliaman D. Hadad, the second event in the 2014 Economic Outlook Sharia Department Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) in Jakarta, Friday 13 December 2013.

He explains that the growth should be divided from the three scenarios ie pessimistic, moderate and optimistic . In the optimistic scenario , Islamic banking assets are predicted to grow as large as 50.7 % , growth ( third party funds ) TPF as big as 47.46 % and 55.61 % growth in financing large .

" The figures are very optimistic figures on the assumption that the Indonesian economy will soon rise from a variety of problems in 2013 , " He said .

As in Financing to Deposit Ratio ( FDR ) in 2014 predicted a range of 100-105 % are considering the 2013 Islamic banking FDR level almost reached 105 % . Meanwhile, the market share of the national banking Islamic banking predicted low is 5 to 5.5 % continue to improve until mid-2013 the market share of sharia banking has reached 4.67 %.

" On average asset growth of Syariah Financing Bank for last six years reached 30.4 % , " he said .

With these conditions , Muliaman desperately for sharia banking can compete with conventional banks in terms of liquidity . "Competition for liquidity certainly familiar . What we become is our concentration should close 2013 with good , hopefully this can thus develop syariag banking in 2014, " he said .

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