Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Securities Deposit Institution Prepared Bank Mutiara Sale Rules

Securities Deposit Institution prepared admitted issued various regulations regarding the sale of Mutiara Bank to investors who are interested in buying bank injected funds amounting to Rp 6 , 7 trillion . The rule will be issued to provide rules to enable the good understanding between the community and relevant stakeholders .

Chief Executive of Securities Deposit Institution, Adityaswara Mirza said , Securities Deposit Institution prepared to spend many rules for the sale of Mutiara Bank  . The rule is expected to make a better understanding to the investors who want to buy Mutiara Bank , including understanding addressed to the public .

" It's so that no misunderstandings in the community , it should be no unity of opinion , either legal or friends of friends in oversight ," said Mirza , met at the Ritz Carlton Hotel , Jakarta , Tuesday, September 24, 2013 .
As known , the Securities Deposit Institution was given a mandate to rescue a failing bank systemic effects . This was done to reduce the impact on the Indonesian economy in general . Temporary Equity in accordance with applicable laws .
" Securities Deposit Institution Act provides that the Securities Deposit Institution manages the rescued banks . However , after it was given time to divest , "said Mirza .
Mirza added , to provide a positive stimulus to the economy , including promoting clean rules , then according to the Act , the Deposit Insurance Agency is ready to issue rules that bank's sales will not be bad . It was felt necessary given the bank's already 4 times the investor purchased failed . " Among its governance will be set . Sell at the best price and also being prepared communication to relevant institutions " , he said .
Mirza hopes , with the enactment of rules that will provide a deep understanding , so there is no loss suffered by the various parties . "So that people understand . If it is not the loss of the community . If Securities Deposit Institution could not be made public because of fear that their money is not safe , "said Mirza .

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