Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mutiara Bank is Asked to Complete the Customer Payment of Antaboga

Previously , directors of MUTIARA BANK , has agreed to make payments to clients in Investigations Century Team’s meetings, which is attended by commissioners LPS , Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance , and representatives of the customer .

Council of the Republic of Indonesia ( DPR - RI ) asked for all Mutiara Bank immediately implement the Supreme Court's decision regarding the payment of customer funds PT Antaboga Delta Securities amounting to Rp 41 billion for 33 clients .

" This case has dragged on too long . Since the decision of the District Court of Surakarta two years ago followed the Supreme Court decision in 2011 . Clear legal decision , the Supreme Court granted the customer filed a civil suit . Golkar ready escort , " said a member of the House of Representatives , from the Golkar Party , Bambang Soesatyo , Thursday, September 19, 2013 .

Author of " Scandal Century , in the Corner Last SBY- Boediono " states that , Mutiara Bank should immediately settle their obligations because his financial ability .

Bambang noted  that  Mutiara  Bank formerly Century Bank, had total assets of Rp15 , 9 trillion at the end of June 2013 , or an increase of 17.7 % compared to Rp13, 5 billion in the same period a year earlier .

" They ( directors ) has promised to pay for the right customers at the October 20, 2013 . We'll see realization because there are still directors who insisted on waiting for the results of other legal battles , the review of which is currently underway , " said a member of the Century Bank team superintendent .

Mutual fund customer lawsuit PT Antaboga Delta Securities of Century Bank (Mutiara Bank ) held since 2010 with the end result number 2838 Supreme Court decision that ruled in favor of 33 K/PDT/2011 Century Bank customers from Solo . The decision ordered the Century Bank , now Mutiara Bank , restore funds worth Rp 41 billion .

Bambang added that if the directors of the Mutiara Bank also has agreed to make payments to customers in the meeting which was attended by Century Timwas commissioner Deposit Insurance Corporation ( LPS ) , the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance , and representatives of the customer .

However , Mutiara Bank opines that payment of customer funds can not be done because the company is filing a judicial review of that decision .

In this regard , the Council argued that under Article 66 ( 2 ) of Law No.3/2009 on the Supreme Court explained that judicial review does not preclude the execution of the decision by the Supreme Court .

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