Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fast in the First Semester, BNI Sure to Achieve the Target of Corporate Loans

Despite the economic conditions is slowing , credit disbursement by BNI corporation continue as usual , even in the middle of the year has exceeded the target set for the end of the year .

PT Bank Negara Indonesia is still optimistic about corporate segment business performance despite the global and national economy is slowing . The Company remains optimistic that outstanding credit could grow to 25 % this year .
" Target corporate loans are not revised . within a year , we grew so 20-25 % . Too high , one of synergy , "said Director of Business Banking BNI , Krishna Suparto , when met reporters in Jakarta , Wednesday, September 18, 2013 .
According to him , by keeping the focus on eight key sectors , it is optimistic to achieve the target is made ​​. Eight sectors being targeted company , among others , oil , gas and mining ; communication ; chemical agribusiness ; retail ; electricity ; construction ; foods and beverages . Associated with the economic slowdown , further Krishna , the construction sector is perceived to be most affected so that growth is not maximal .
" Corporate loans growth is quite good , even better , have not seen a slowdown . In fact there are some debtors who see opportunity . They see it not as the 2008 crisis , is actually an investment opportunity , " he said .
BNI remain optimistic that the target can be achieved not without reason , because in the first half of this year total outstanding corporate loans reached Rp94 , 73 trillion , grow 52.4 % in setahunan than Rp62 , 16 trillion at the end of June 2012 . Of credit quality , corporate credit gross NPL of 1.1 % . In fact , with a growth target of 20-25 % , the position of the targeted maximum outstanding corporate loans amounted to Rp 90.29 trillion at the end of this year , compared to Rp 72.23 trillion at the end of last year's position .
" Undisbursed loans ( undisbursed loans ) is very low unless the road toll , as the land . Undisbursed loan of only 15 % ceiling . ( So no growth braked ) , if we run it entirely still good . It's preparation is not for now , but if there is a slowdown cooling down , two years is back again normally . At the time of ( economic ) do not rebound until the supply is not there , "added Krishna .

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