Monday, September 23, 2013

Held Expo at 4 Mall, BRI Seeks Rp500 Billion Loan

Through performances expo consumer credit, credit fix BRI Rp 500 billion either through mortgages and Credit Loan for Vehicles.

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BRI), an exhibition of consumer credit, or KRK Expo, in four shopping centers to enhance the performance of consumer credit. The company set Rp500 billion in additional credit events held during the month ahead.

"Target expo because it is not only in Jakarta, a total of about Rp500 billion from the fourth place," said Chief of the Division of Consumer Credit BRI Farida Rosandi Joice, told reporters after the inauguration of the event in Jakarta, Monday, September 23, 2013.

BRI start KRK Kasablanka City Expo during September 23 to 29, proceed to the Mall of Indonesia on September 28 to October 6, and then Cibubur Junction on October 7 to 13, and the last in the Living World on October 22 to 28.

In this show, the company offers several programs for low-interest loans (mortgage) and apartment mortgage (NAC) as well as motor vehicle credit. For mortgages and PPP, offered a fixed interest of 7.5% during the year, and 7.75% for 2 years. While the Credit Loan for Vehicles is offered for 3.35% interest for a year tenor, 4.15% for 2 years, 4.49% for 3 years, 4.75% for 4 years, and 5.75% for a tenor of 5 years. While the down payment (DP) is set at 30%.

BRI corporate secretary Muhamad Ali added, in this expo series involves around 35 developers and about 10 dealer partners by focusing on mortgage marketing programs and Credit Loan for Vehicles.

"In terms of mortgage rates, BRI offers a 7.75% two year fixed and free of administrative costs. As for the Credit Loan for Vehicles, with an interest rate of 3.35% for 1 year and free of charge and free of charge administrative fees, "he said.

He added that through this expo is expected to increase brand awareness in addition to the BRI's mortgage products and Credit Loan for Vehicles, is also expected to increase the market share of consumer loan company through the acquisition of new customers.

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