Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scramble Liquidity, Bank of Indonesia Keep Watching Durability Bank

         Regulators need to do , not only the general supervision of the banking , but also as an individual bank . It needs to be done related to the seizure of liquidity .

Although the banking system is still safe , but regulators must conduct individual supervision on banks . Do not let any bank with low resistance to trigger the onset of a banking crisis which later sparked the economic crisis .

          Chairman of the Indonesian National Banks , Pramono Sigit said , regulators need to do not only the general supervision of the banking , but also as an individual bank . Was necessary because regulators need to be aware that the resilience of banking in Indonesia vary . " The durability of each bank is different . This should be monitored , especially about tightening liquidity is happening now. The banks will compete for liquidity , "said Sigit , on the sidelines of a seminar on" ASEAN Economic Community 2015 , " at the Hotel Gran Melia , Jakarta , Wednesday, September 18, 2013 .

          With the banking system is relatively safe and well , Sigit still banking regulator urged not to fall asleep with the state of the public. Nationally, banks are still pretty good . However , bank regulators need to look at them one by one .

          Regulator in this case Bank Indonesia liquidity needs attention . Sigit analogize liquidity such as heart disease . Banks need to ensure that liquidity is not tight because it will have an impact on bank collapse if liquidity tightens . This is what is happening . " Big banks , medium and small are competing for liquidity in the market , " he said .

          Sigit also said that the liquidity problem does not only occur in a small bank , but in the entire banking system . Small banks do not have to worry about liquidity should be sucked out by the big banks through community fundraising . Each bank has a core customer that has different properties .

         The problem is not banks , large , medium and small again . If concerned about the liquidity of all banks equally . But it is believed each bank has different funding sources . They have a core customer is basically different

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