Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Foreign Debt of Indonesian Banks Amounting USD 22.3 Billion

Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded a total bank debt of USD 22.3 billion, equivalent to Rp 258.72 trillion as of the end of July 2013, the majority of which are short-term debt.

"Long-term debt (over a year) the bank amounted to USD 7.66 billion, while short-term debt (less than or equal to one year) USD 14.64 billion in the bank," said Executive Director Hendi Sulistiowaty BI Statistics, at the Bank Building, Jakarta , Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

According to him, amounted to USD 4.01 billion in bank debt is owned by state-owned banks, while banks are non-SOEs amounted to USD 18.29 billion. Hendi added, foreign loans that many banks are usually short term to finance trade finance (trade finance).

In total, private foreign debt reached USD 133.94 billion, most of which are long-term debt amounted to USD 95.42 billion and USD38, 52 billion was short-term. With USD 22.3 billion of bank debt, then amounting to USD111, 63 billion is a non-bank corporate debt.

"For non-banks, long-term debt of USD87, 76 billion, and the short-term at USD23, 87 billion. From our data, it is the corporation that no reschedulling that they must pay. If there is more because it extends loans from its parent company. We have found no corporation we fail to pay, "said Hendi.

For private loans, he added, recycle most of the financial sector with a share of 26.6% of the total private foreign debt, followed by the manufacturing sector, 19.9%, mining 18.8%, 12.3% electricity etc., and transport 7.7 %.

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