Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mandiri Bank's Credit Corporations are Focus in Infrastructure

Credit distribution infrastructure for the corporate segment , considered the safest bank because its projects in the country. Bank Mandiri claimed more focused on lending to the infrastructure sector in the corporate segment . Infrastructure financing was also assessed in line with the government's plan through the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development .

" Now many corporations in infrastructure . This financing cost is also clear , ports, toll roads , no worries because it is in all the country , " said Director of Corporate Banking of Bank Mandiri Fransisca Nelwan Mok , told reporters in Jakarta , Wednesday, September 18, 2013 .

As of June 2013 , total outstanding bank corporate loans amounted to Rp151 , 9 billion , an increase of 21.4 % in setahunan than Rp125 , 2 billion in the same period last year . During setahunan , from the data bank , the expansion of the most widely distributed corporate loans for construction of the plant , and mining and oil and gas , communications , business services , manufacturing , electricity , mass transportation too .

In terms of asset quality , recorded non-performing loans ( NPL ) corporate loans amounted to 1.62 % . " If the low NPL , we keep the relationship ( relationship ) with the customer as well. We also monitor customer business , "said Fransisca .

According to him , for lending to the corporate sector, limited segment can not enter into any sector . In addition, continued Fransisca , in any one sector it focuses only serve a few clients just do not lend recklessly .

" Throughout the year ( for corporate loans ) can not get into anything, it's just a few, " he said .

While related to Bank Indonesia's efforts to keep lending imports , assessed Fransisca , done because according to the Indonesian economy in which currently imports pressures weigh on the current account ( current account ) .

" Now yes if you can not import . We now export push , to support the current account . Importantly push exports , imports hit , " he concluded . ( * )

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