Thursday, September 19, 2013

CIMB Niaga Develop Cash Management Features

CIMB Niaga continues to develop features to improve service CIMB Niaga Cash Management Solutions to customers and potential sector aiming to increase business .

In the midst of the banking cash management services in Indonesia , PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk ( CIMB Niaga ) continues to record positive performance in order to remain able to compete well . One strategy is to increase brand awareness and cross- product bundling solutions to its customers . Currently , CIMB Niaga offers three superior cash management services , namely : BizChannel @ CIMB , BizCard , and Gateway @ CIMB .

Chief Officer Transaction Banking CIMB Niaga , Hendra Lembong revealed , cash management services present in the needs of the community banking service that is effective, efficient , and centralized . CIMB Niaga saw the potential , and the service is consistently developing Cash Management Solutions CIMB Niaga , especially for corporate customers .

" We innovate by bringing three eminent services , namely BizChannel @ CIMB , BizCard , and Gateway @ CIMB , " said Hendra , in a press release in Jakarta , Thursday, September 19, 2013 .

BizChannel @ CIMB has a number of excellent features . One is e - Tax Payment . Online tax payment service is able to connect customers directly with the tax office to get a Tax Receipt Transaction Number ( NTPN ) in real time online . This service is very beneficial for the customers , in addition to payment of taxes can be done anywhere , anytime , and can be mass (bulk payment) , proof of payment can be directly printed .

E - Tax Payment has become one of the most widely used features in customer service BizChannel @ CIMB . Based on existing data , active users of e - Tax Payment per June 30, 2013 was as much as 1,684 customers with 221,776 as the total number of transactions through BizChannel @ CIMB . In addition to e - Tax Payment , other superior features in BizChannel @ CIMB is a Virtual Account , a feature that makes the customer in the process of reconciliation of funds into customer accounts .

BizCard to other leading services in CIMB Niaga Cash Management Solutions . As a private label card services CIMB Niaga in the form of cashless solution , BizCard is a service specifically designed to support the business supply chain between a seller ( distributor ) and buyers ( retailers ) as a means of payment . By using this service , cost efficiency and time has been ascertained to be enjoyed by customers . This is because the service uses a network connection BizCard CIMB Niaga is safe and stable .

" As the last eminent services is Gateway @ CIMB . Gateway @ CIMB is a service that allows customers to perform banking transactions from ERP systems (electronic resource planning) systems to customers directly CIMB Niaga . These services bridge the needs of customers' banking transactions with its partners , is efficient , fast , safe , accurate , and convenient , " said Hendra .

Hendra added , CIMB Niaga will continue to develop the latest features to enhance services CIMB Niaga Cash Management Solutions to customers and potential sectors aiming to improve the business . Among these are manufacturing , wholesaler ( consumer goods ) , port industries , non - bank financial institutions ( securities firms and finance companies ) , service industry (hospitals and schools ) , and transportation .

"We are optimistic , cash management services will continue to evolve to help customers of CIMB Niaga has a growing operation financially efficient in developing its business and provide an important contribution in CIMB Niaga business growth in the future , " added Henderson .

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