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Pundi Bank's Fate After Left by Gandhi

After successfully renovating Pundi Bank , Ismail Gandhi chose to pull out of a bank -owned of businesses Sandiaga Uno. Can Paul Wiranata who lack experience in micro businesses continue relay of Gandhi ?

February 2012 Gandhi Ganda Putra Ismail is so full of passion to share the story of his hard work over the two years to build Pundi Bank , Executive incarnation of the eroded bank bad loans . Although still losing money , Gandhi is optimistic that the bank 's focus on targeting the micro segment will soon rise up and achieve a profit in the third year . In fact , he had a big dream that in 2015-2016 Pundi Bank will bear leader-leader who hunted many other banks .

" You remember , the 1980-1990 national banks controlled 70% of leaders banker Citibank , Bank Niaga ruled 1990-2000 , 2000s Bank Danamon . Well , three or four years ahead of the other banks will take Pundi Bank , "said Gandhi told Infobank , who was visiting his home in Cipete area , South Jakarta .
Gandhi inching dream started to become reality . In 2010 , when Gandhi led the Pundi Bank beginning , the company still suffered losses up to Rp274 , 69 billion . Losses begin to shrink next year to Rp147 , 25 billion . In fact, the end of 2012, Gandhi managed to bring the Pundi Bank profit of Rp46 , 86 billion . Other financial indicators improved. Only the non- performing loan ( NPL ) is still on.
However , suddenly , Tuesday, June 26, 2013 , Gandhi offered to resign in the annual general meeting of shareholders ( AGM ) . Paul Wiranata , Bank Commissioner Pundi , lined up to be a substitute for Gandhi .
What's wrong with Gandhi ? Why suddenly left the new bank was successfully rescued , but there is a big dream that he has not managed to achieve? How fate Pundi Bank after him ? Unfortunately , up to this writing , Gandhi refused to comment about his resignation from Pundi Bank .
However , if you view the character banker born in Palembang , South Sumatra , October 18, 1959 , it seems there is " something " in the Pundi Bank that forced him to pull out of the new bank he " Renov " it . This kind of thing never happened when Gandhi led the Bank Mega Syariah , before eventually move to Pundi Bank . The news circulating , then Gandhi differences of opinion with the concept of micro business owner will be applied in Bank Mega Syariah , especially in terms of network development . Because it does not agree , she finally chose to go .
When it was confirmed to the Pundi Bank , official answer out of Christiana M. Damanik , Corporate Secretary, Head Pundi Bank . According to him , the change of directors in the Pundi Bank is an organization and dynamics prevalent and should be addressed wisely . According to him , Gandhi was offered to resign after a successful transformation from Bank to Bank Executive Pundi .
" As I've stated he told us he intends to reach the next milestone is of course known only to Mr. Gandhi , " said Christiana to Infobank , early last month .
So, what about the fate of Pundi Bank after being left by the architect ? Is Paul Wiranata , who lack experience in micro business , was able to continue the relay of Gandhi ? Such as Gandhi , Paul Wiranata also would not comment . Because , though it was elected as president of the General Meeting of Shareholders , approval from Bank Indonesia ( BI ) has not come out . " Waiting BI exit permits , can only make a statement , " said Christiana .
If you look back to Paul's track record , there are not many who express intense involvement in micro business . During this time he was known as a banker of Bank Niaga since had a career there for 22 years . Although time to sit down as a director , Paul had never touched a micro business because it is not the core business of Bank Niaga . Paul had opted out , after the bank was acquired by Commerce Asset Holdings Berhad ( CAHB ) or CIMB Group Holdings Berhad in 2002 .
Paul had a career at the Bank of New York Indonesia as the country manager - chief reprensentative for a year , from 2005 to 2006 , before finally leading the National Savings Bank ( the Bank ) from 2006 to 2008 . Paul is currently the focus more to the business as the pillars of the Bank retired and did not touch the micro business . The Bank is now known reliably in the new micro business into the business under control after Jerry Ng or after acquired Texas Pacific Group ( TPG ) .
Even when holding the Bank Andara from 2008 to 2011 , Paul was the opportunity to taste the micro business . Moreover , a business segment of Bank Andara is very different from other commercial banks . Paul has really got into the business after joining the micro Pundi Bank as commissioner . However , it should be noted , though never in direct contact with the micro business , micro Paul never studied directly in the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and some other countries that micro- banking business forward .
The problem , the problem that will be faced by the new directors under Paul increasingly heavy and complex . Although Gandhi managed to pull out of the crisis Pundi Bank earnings , the true foundation of the construction has not been too strong . Thus, his main task is to continue strengthening the foundation to be as strong as poised for expansion . Therefore, Paul's first test case is how he convinced the owners that commit to strengthen capital .
According to data from the Bureau of Research Infobank ( sheep ) , the Bank 's core capital position until the end of 2012 a new Pundi Rp613 , 82 billion, or a group of commercial banks are still in business activities ( BOOK ) I. Still needed injection of capital which is not small in order to jump to the BOOK II and can more freely move for expansion .
Second, the business model applied in Pundi Bank Gandhi relatively successful so Paul went pretty concepts and strategies ever implemented Gandhi . Over the three years to build Pundi Bank , Gandhi more down to the branches and the division of labor within the team focused on the field .

Almost every time he's around Indonesia and is rarely seen in his office in the Fatmawati , South Jakarta . Even if there are in the office , he did not move from meeting to coordinate with the team until late at night . The division of labor is strictly controlled team has been the key to success in developing a business micro Gandhi , not only in Pundi Bank .
Third , Paul's biggest challenge is not only related to business competition intensifies, but also to build and maintain the human resources ( HR) . It's no secret that a high turnover rate and the national bankers do not go down and down , and even tend to crawl up ( on average 12 % -15 % ) .
History records how the bankers micro migrating massive market following the " craze " feel - banks have money to buy gifts so that the " price " bankers continue to skyrocket . This was exacerbated by the ratio of labor costs in the bank than the bank's overall cost of close to 70 % .
The issue needs attention Paul intensely , considering most of the employees at the micro- level coordinator Pundi Bank is " loyalists " Gandhi is cultivated from a career in Danamon Savings and Loans ( DSP ) and the Bank . Than 8,200 employees , bringing Gandhi least 2,000 people who now sit in the position of team leader . It is quite possible they will be migrated to a new place anchored Gandhi . Because, according to sources Infobank , after Pundi Bank , Gandhi had glimpsed the bank is now focusing menggeber micro business .
Paul duties are even more severe due to the rotation of directors occurs simultaneously with the momentum of rising prices of fuel oil ( BBM) and toss the food commodity prices are fueling inflation . Because , in the short term , bank credit , especially small and medium enterprise ( SME ) , is expected to get enough pressure .

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