Friday, May 30, 2014

Investment in Banking Still Tantalize

Financial Services Authority (FSA) revealed that the Return on Assets (ROA) in the banking industry recorded until March 2014 was as high as at point 3.01 % . The high ROA could mean that the investment banking industry in the country is still tempting.
Deputy Commissioner of Banking Supervisors II FSA, Endang Kussulanjari states, ROA of 3.01% it is high, although there is no doubt that number has decreased when compared to the previous period. However, the decline is considered prevalent at the beginning of the year.

"ROA is slightly decreased compared to the previous. However, this phenomenon occurs commonly in the early years because of the January to March is not as fast landing activities that occurred at the end of the year,"said Endang, when the Press Briefing on 'Development of the Banking Regulation and Supervision', in Jakarta, Friday, May 30, 2014 .

Endang explained, when classified using the approach BOOKS, BOOKS 4 has the highest level of ROA compared with other BOOKS. The high ROA occurred because the banks are there in the class BOOK 4 does have a large capacity.

" In Book 4 for talking big capital. The ROA was 3.89 % BOOK 4. While the smallest was in BOOK 3, ie at the rate of 1.93 %," said Endang.

According to Endang, with a high ROA indicates that the investment banking industry in the country is quite favorable. Moreover, ROA will not be too volatile given the conditions and the situation of Indonesian banking industry are good and solid now.

"ROA that nature does not fluctuate. This means investment in Indonesian banks were profitable. Moreover , CAR banking in the country is good enough , ie at point 19.77 % " . Said Endang .

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