Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chip technology is Believed to Stopping Account Funds Stealing Via ATM

Chip technology adopted by January , 2015, is believed to ward off the highjacker who break ATM card / debit card. Still many evil banking technology-based information, especially in the payment system for using  payment with credit or debit card. Chief Country Officer for Citibank Indonesia, Tigor M. Siahaan told, that international criminal syndicate, successfully stealing funds worth USD 45 million from 400 thousand customer accounts, currently at - merchant transactions in different parts of the world.
"That's a double swipe mode, so the card is swapt to machines over the counter. So the data is duplicated, "he said, in a discussion of Evil Banking Information Technology Based in Jakarta, Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

In the same occasion, Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA), Suwignyo Budiman said that the compromise bill late skimming pattern (data duplication) still occur in their home, with increasingly sophisticated modes of operation.

"They (the perpetrators ) installs very small camera in the ATM  also the scheme . But with the adoption of chip technology in the ATM card from this year, I think this can be overcome," he said.

Bank of Indonesia as an authority in their home payment system requires that the banking industry is already using chip technology in ATM card / debit per January 1, 2015. As we know, current ATM cards / debit cards still use magnetic stripe technology with data easily duplicated by the perpetrator.

In Indonesia the latest case is the compromise bill late mode by placing a skimming device schemes (skimmer) in EDC four hospitals in several provinces, and doubled the customer's accounts BCA 112 with a total loss of Rp 1, 2 billion. BCA compensate customers who have been victimized .

" The culprit six indigenous peoples of Malaysia and we have now been arrested, " said the Director of the Directorate of Special Economic Crime Action Bareskrim INP, Brigjen (Pol) Kamil Razak .

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