Thursday, May 15, 2014

Digital Banking Citibank Customers Reaches 7.4 Million

Digital banking services in Asia is growing very rapidly. Citibank has 7.4 million digital banking customers . The rapid growth of digital media users in Asia is a potential market opportunity for digital banking services . This opportunity can be utilized very well by Citibank.

Until April 2014, Citibank has had 7.4 million customers in Asia which is registered as users of digital banking services  for banking needs, either online via mobile phone or other digital channels. Success in capturing digital banking services, it has been delivering award-winning Citibank Mobile and Internet Banking Award , in 14 operational areas for banks operating in Asia.

Head of Consumer Banking for Citi Asia Pacific, Jonathan Larsens he says that Citibank has a vision to become a leading digital bank in the world and in Asia. Larsen judge there is a significant opportunity for digital banking services. Digitalitation technology and has changed the way in serving the customers of Citibank.

 Consumer preferences have changed so that there is a tendency to direct consumers to the new digital channels. Therefore, Citibank are very focused on making investments in technology in order to support consumer - banking business customers," he said in a press release, in Jakarta, Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

Until the end of 2013, Citi has been working with 3 Hong Kong telecommunications provider to launch mobile banking in Hong Kong wallet. Some branches of Citibank also has adopted the concept of a digital branch. Branch " smartbanking " This, equipped with an interactive touch screen, video conferencing facilities, and access to banking services through devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Branch "smart - banking" was first launched in Japan in 2009 and continues to grow until around the world. These services are offered in more than 100 branches of Citi in Asia. Citibank also invest in the latest technologies to ATM. Last year, Citibank has launched the latest generation of ATMs in Asia Pacific are named Citibank Express. ATM. This service offers all the services that can be obtained in the branch office. "Fast, simplicity and ease of the reason for the use of technology throughout the world. As a bank, we have a priority to continue to innovate and use technology to serve our customers. Technology and digitization has become a trend of the world today, "said Larsen.

Based on data from Citi, it's been about 5 billion mobile phone users. According to Internet World Stats, there are about 1 billion mobile phone users with Internet access in Asia. The data mentioned , the number of mobile phone users reached two and a half times greater than the number of bank accounts, particularly in emerging markets. This provides implications for banking service providers about how consumers want to access their financial services.

Currently Citi has approximately 200 million customer accounts in business transactions in more than 160 countries. Citi offers a diverse range of products and financial services to consumers, corporations, governments and institutions  These products, including retail banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and financial management.

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