Friday, May 16, 2014

About Banking Crime, FSA Calls Mandiri Bank

Financial Services Authority (FSA) said it has summoned the management of banks that experienced banking crimes recently. This is done as policy measures to address the crime and banking and potentially devastating banking customers lately.

" As the supervisory authority of the banking industry, FSA has acted supervision (supervisory actions) that call the bank management related to formulate the steps or action plan that is both immediate and realistic in order to resolve the problems," said Deputy Commissioner FSA , Strategic Management Sector, Lucky Fathul AH, in Jakarta, some time ago.

He added that the FSA also asked the bank's management to continue to promote the interests of the customer and the customer is approaching the active and open lines of communication that facilitate all customers to know the problems that occurred and the concrete measures that have been, are being and will be done by banks.

" Bank-related companies, have reported a number of follow-up , which has been and will be carried out, such as transaction tracing profiling, blocking cards, card replacement, replacement of customer funds and communication to stakeholders as part of a short-term action plan," he said .

For that, the FSA asked the entire bank management to continuously improve the quality securing the use of information technology to further improve the best service to the community. Not missed, he advised the public to take advantage of FSA Integrated Customer Service at the telephone number (area code) 500 655 and email related complaints suffered by depositors in the bank.

One of the latest case is blocking the ATM card number of customers who do PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, which claimed the company as a step to mitigate the risk for the occurrence of banking crimes in other banks." The actions we take to protect the interests of customers from misuse by unintended parties," said Corporate Secretary of Bank Mandiri, Nixon LP Napitupulu.

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