Thursday, May 22, 2014

OCBC NISP Presents Funtastrip Program.

PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk ( NISP OCBC ) presents Funtastrip Signs program, which is a lottery program for some tourist destinations such as Disney World Magical Orlando. Director of OCBC NISP Krishnawan Andrae said the company make every effort to accommodate the needs and desires of customers. "We hope that through this program Funtastrip Signs can encourage the growth of third -party funding (TPF) and the growth of new customers through savings and Signs Signs 360 Premium, " he said in OCBC NISP Tower, Jakarta, Thursday, May 22, 2014.

Senior Corporate Executive OCBC NISP, Ka Jit added that the current existing consumer customer base of 1 million customers. The company is targeting a 25% growth customers in this year.

"The target fund savings of this program Funtastrip Signs of Rp 2 trillion," said Ka Jit.

Total deposits increased 6 % OCBC NISP in oine year of Rp 59,32 trillion in the first quarter of 2013 to
Rp 62,83 trillion in the first quarter of 2014. While the savings portion of Rp 10,7 trillion, down 31 % from Rp 15,5 billion.

In order OCBC NISP 's birthday to - 73 years, customers have the opportunity to participate in the lottery program Funtastrip sign at the end of the program period and will be selected 73 lucky families. For the Grand Prize winner will be selected 7 family (4 people each) will get a package holiday abroad.

While there are 7 destination of choice, which will be pre-selected in a poll by both customers and non - customers. 7 As for the choice of destination is Disney World Orlando Magical Trip, The Great Alaska Trip, Arabian Exotic Trip, New Zealand Precious Trip, Trip Unforgettable Hollywood, The Wonderful East Asia Trip, or Super Legoland Denmark Trip.

"In addition there is also a gift for the 66 families (each 3 persons ) who will get a super prize package holiday to Hong Kong Disneyland," said Division Head of Corporate Communications at OCBC NISP, Tina Tjintawati .

As for participants who did vote in the microsite Signs Funtastrip, he added, both are not yet a customer or customers the opportunity to win raffle prizes holiday packages to Raja Ampat, Komodo Island, Belitung Island which will be drawn every 2 months.

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