Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sales Efforts of Bank of Mutiara Same with Selling Cars

Assessed each bank has its own price levels in accordance with the business and prospects of the economy in which it operates , where for Bank Mutiara assessed is still too expensive . Deposit Insurance Agency ( DIA ) to assess the efforts of PT Bank of Mutiara Tbk same with selling cars , where buyers have to feel comfortable with the first price offered .

" We 've done the offering period sales of Bank Mutiara . This year there are two investors who qualify the pre-qualification , but both of them not to bid , "said Chief Executive of DIA , Mirza Adityaswara , in Jakarta , Wednesday, October 2, 2013 .

As is known , based on the DIA Law , Bank of Mutiara must be sold at a price of Rp 6.7 trillion, corresponding capital while time was acquired at the end of 2008. The sales process is carried out at a price of 2011-2013 . Still based on LPS Act , the bank's sixth year could be removed at the best price.

" So the car is worth anything, no type. We can not force investors to buy at the prices fair . So if investors can buy banks at lower prices in Vietnam , and other countries , why should buying a bank with high prices in Indonesia ? So price is not met , "said Mirza .

Pricing a bank itself , will be determined based on price to book value , in which different numbers for each bank according to the location or the country in which it operates .

" In Singapore, price to book value of about 1.5 times , 2 times Malaysia , Europe under 1 times , due to poor economic conditions again . Indonesia's highest 4 times , because of good economic prospects . Gains or ROE ratio is higher than other countries - nation bloc . But that could accomplish the proce to 4 times book value most only 1 bank , the other in the range of 1.5-2 times book value , " he concluded .

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