Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia's Comment About LTV's Rules

Order LTV , evaluated by Mirza Adityaswara , will be key in strengthening the banking industry in reducing the risk of bad credit debitor property sector .

Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) , Mirza Adityaswara determine that the banking industry should continue to put forward the principle of prudence in carrying out its business , credit and municipalities in the delivery of home ownership or property .

" That should be known by the general public, this economy can be moved if a bank is healthy . Community feel safe to put funds in the bank and the bank can extend credit . If it is too strong and less credit note will circumspection strong debitor not pay , when high interest rates , " he told reporters in Jakarta on Thursday , October 3, 2013 .

Mirza said the matter by tightening rules for addressing loan to value ( LTV ) of the property credit has just been released by Bank Indonesia . In its latest order , the maximum LTV embed BI progressively , until debitor who received the property from the bank credit facilities should dedicate more advance to accept the following credit facilities .

This order directed to the main house upper middle segment , or type in the 70 m2 , in which to set up the first credit LTV of 70 % . As for credit facilities up to 60 % LTV second and third credit facilities etc. its maximum LTV of 50 % . While to type 22-70 m2 , released LTV ratio for the first credit facilities , by 70 % for both credit facilities , and 60 % for the third credit facilities , and so on. Late this arrangement , the central bank banking risks appear optimistic speculation in the property sector will decline .

"If debitor can not pay, the bank works hard . LTV 's for the good of society , for the benefit of industrial property itself. The bottom line with capacity own wait , wait for the sound, "says Mirza

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