Thursday, October 3, 2013

Banking Profit Growth in Indonesia Will Not good as Last Year

The turbulent economic conditions , making banking revenue gains this year not as beautiful as last year . Why?

General Assembly of National Banks in Indonesia ( Perbanas ) admit the performance of the banking industry will be little affected by the current economic conditions , mainly from the presence of credit and profitability .

" Performance does not have significant problems . But because there are economic pressures , the rupiah weakened, will influence banking . What are the advantages and credit affected? , But there will not be much , "said Chief General Perbanas Sigit Pramono , told reporters in Jakarta , Wednesday, October 2, 2013 .

As is known , the Bank of Indonesia ( BI ) has lowered Indonesia's economic growth projections to be 5.8 to 6.2 % , after responding to the high level of inflation due to a price adjustment of subsidized fuel oils , with a rate hike as mold (BI rate) . BI rate hike , should suppress transmission of banking credit .

" Projected growth now 5.8 % , perceived by credit growth . Banks to adjust to economic conditions . If you want to grow the economy, the credit should be more strong , "said Sigit .

From BI statistical data , recorded a net profit banking revenue of Rp 59.39 trillion at the end of July 2013 , growing 12.31 % in setahunan compared to Rp 52.88 in July 2012. Whereas the previous year net income growth reached 24.74 % compared to Rp 42.39 trillion in July 2011.

From the credit side , the growth in the size of 22.3 % per year from Rp 2470.11 trillion in July 2012 , to Rp 3021.12 trillion in July 2013. Decreased when compared with the previous year which reached 25.15 % from Rp 1973.59 trillion in July 2012.

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