Friday, October 4, 2013

Bank Mandiri Optimistic e-Money Card Reach 3.5 Million

Bank Mandiri has started an e - money business since 2007 . Until now e-money business continues to perform well . This is seen from the number of transactions .Although public awareness of the use of e-money is still low , but PT Bank Mandiri Tbk remain optimistic that people will begin to realize the importance of the use of e - money . In fact , the bank estimates standalone e-money card issued by the end of the year reached 3.5 million cards .
Vice President of Electronic Banking Bank Mandiri , Rahmat Triaji Broto said his bank has started an e-money business since 2007 . Until now e-money business continues to perform well . In fact , in August 2013 , the number of independent e-money users reached 3.23 million .

For the number of transactions has reached 74 million during January to August 2013 . Market share transaction itself already by 82 % when compared to the total national prepaid card transactions .

" This also proves that the card Mandiri E-money is electronic money most widely used by the community ," Rahmat said , on the sidelines of launching of E-Money Info on smartphones with NFC features for Android and Blackberry , in Senayan City , Jakarta , Friday, October 4, 2013 .

Rahmat Broto , said so far the volume of e-Money transactions Mandiri has reached 10 million per month . Expected by the end of the volume of transactions could continue to rise , as the issuance of e-Money cards Mandiri , which is expected to reach 3.5 million cards .

With the amount of e-money card Mandiri , Rahmat Broto claimed that the public does have a tendency to choose the e-money owned Bank Mandiri . Recognized by Rahmat Broto that the market share of the transaction value is approximately 40 % , but the number of cards still below the 11% rate .

" The cards just a few but a lot of transactions . That is, of all the e-money issuer , Bank Mandiri, the most widely used , " said Rahmat .

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