Friday, October 25, 2013

Cost of Funds Up, BTPN Will Shift the Burden to the New Debtors

The increase in interest rates and competition to obtain public funds to make up the cost of funds . In running a business , it is common for banks to shift the burden of the debtor .
PT Tbk National Savings Bank ( BTPN ) will shift the rising cost of funds or cost of funds , in line with the increase in the benchmark interest rate (BI rate) and the competition for obtaining third-party funding ( TPF ) .

" For lending rates , today we have not raised our interest rate . Types of customers we are fixed income and long-term tenor of 3-5 years , is that there is an increase only to new customers, " said Deputy Director of the Bank Ongki W, in Jakarta , Thursday, October 24, 2013 .

Although he did not mention the Bank's interest rate loans , but prime lending rate 30 September 2013 the company's position, noted for retail loans amounted to 17.10 % , 19.01 % micro-credit and non- mortgage 18.01 % .

Increase in lending rates alone is not inevitable for the banking industry, since nearly all the funding for the loans comes from the public or from third-party funds ( TPF ), the acquisition needs to lure lucrative interest rates . In addition the service offers a capable , of course .

" We most new savings deposits . No deposit is less than Rp 100 million , and over R1 billion . Our deposits over 3 months and 6 months is relatively big . Immediate increase in interest ( savings ) that for large customers , " said Ongki .

He continued , cost of funds itself slowly but surely to increase until the end of the year , especially in September where , increasingly, strengthen banking liquidity line with Bank of Indonesia regulations related GWM - LDR .

The central bank has lowered the upper limit of the ratio of credit to (Loan to Deposit Ratio)/LDR - related rules of statutory reserves , from 100 % to 92 % , which is done to strengthen liquidity in the face of slowing global economic growth and national . Thus , banks with capital adequacy ratio ( CAR ) below 14 % should be actively looking for TPF , or lower credit expansion to adjust to this rule when it does not want a penalty .

" September was a special , all - Loan to Deposit Ratio notice GWM. So there TPF search is increasing faster than the July-August , " said Ongki .

Harris Bank's Chief Financial Officer Tanjung Arief added , in the last three months or three years this quarter , the macro benchmark interest rate has gone up 150 basis points ( 1.5 % ) that inevitably affect the cost of bank funding .

"This is reflected in the third quarter , but still there are deposits that have not yet matured. Impact NIM will go down, not necessarily because interest rates can be directly adjusted. Our cost of funds of 7.3 % in September, compared to June there was an increase, " he said .

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