Monday, August 18, 2014

Three State-Owned Banks form EDC Link

To improve the ease and comfort of a merchant in a payment transaction, the three state-owned banks, namely PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI), PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI), and PT Bank Mandiri Tbk have agreed to run the EDC initiative links, namely the use of a single EDC acquiring bank for 3 at once.

The signing of the cooperation agreement made ​​by the Director of Consumer and Retail BNI Darmadi Sutanto, Director of Consumer Banking BRI Soetirto A. Toni, and Director of Micro and Retail Banking Bank Hery Gunardi, in Gandaria City, Jakarta, Monday, August 18, 2014.

In this cooperation, BNI, BRI, and Bank Mandiri will cooperate in the EDC application development, back office and complaint handling, as well as implementation of joint loyalty program credit and debit cards.

In the early stages, the EDC will be offered links to some merchants who enter into cooperation pipeline. However, links EDC solution can be enjoyed by many merchants in the near future.

Consumer and Retail Director of BNI, a senior official said Sutanto, besides triggering BNI business in electronic banking segment, EDC Link a way for the bank to become a trusted community partner through its products, services, branch network and electronic access in the long term.

"EDC Link is a concrete manifestation of the synergy of state-owned banks. This synergy will bring service to customers is becoming increasingly easy, fast, convenient, and reliable, "said a senior official.

Based on data from Bank Indonesia in 2013, the amount of EDC BNI, BRI, and Bank Mandiri installed accounted for 48% market share in acquiring business in Indonesia. Of the total number of installed EDC 614 thousand units, BNI has 64 839 EDC, EDC BRI is 35 thousand, 210 thousand EDC is owned Bank Mandiri.

In the same period, the number of cards BNI, BRI, and Bank Mandiri in circulation has a 49% market share of the issuing business in Indonesia. Of the total 94 million cards in circulation, BNI has 12 million debit and credit cards are also prepaid, BRI with 20 million cards, while 18 million are owned bank card.

Meanwhile, in the same occasion, the Director of Consumer Banking BRI, Toni Soetirto revealed that asthma kerj three state-owned banks is expected to be the forerunner to the establishment of "National Payment Gateway" is echoed by Bank Indonesia last few years.

"Share this three state-owned banks to reach at least 50% of the total merchant transactions in Indonesia, as well as from the EDC on the merchant's infrastructure, so that it will have a positive synergy to achieve efficiency in the industry as well as the embodiment of the spirit of nationalism we support the establishment of the National Payment Gateway Indonesia, "said Toni.

In addition, loyalty programs and installment of BNI, BRI, Bank Mandiri and can be used in EDC links can be an interesting factor cardholders to transact at merchant bank. With EDC Link, merchants can enjoy significant efficiency because the EDC can serve a single debit card transaction / credit / prepaid or other media.

Hery Gunardi added that this cooperation is in line with the company's desire to spur business in electronic banking segment and meet the needs of the people of the means of payment convenient, fast and reliable.

"With this cooperation more and more stores are able to receive our EDC, a growing number of stores that can accept non-cash transactions because total customer Mandiri, BNI, BRI there are approximately 50 million people. This is in line with Bank Indonesia's initiative to conduct the National Movement Non-Cash, Indonesia may be more advanced, "he said.

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