Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mandiri Bank Support BI about Banking Law Plan

PT Bank Mandiri Tbk pleaded agree on the proposed Bank Indonesia (BI) associated with the Plan Law (Bill) Banking is expected to be discussed first before being confirmed by the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI).

Given the state House of Representatives itself will do the finalization of the Banking Law Plan debate before the expiration of the term of office on 30 September 2014 Section of the House Banking Bill reasoned discussion will start from the beginning again if not immediately finalized as soon as possible.

Bank Mandiri President Director Budi Gunadi Sadikin evaluate BI proposals on the Banking Law Plan is a good idea. Section of, so the bill was later the better the quality and content of the bill. So, if it is confirmed by the House, the bill is already really mature.

"I think BI good idea, because the first is to be discussed more and more to give input on the bill and will definitely be better quality if it is confirmed the DPR," Budi said when met at the JCC, Senayan, Thursday evening, 28 August 2014.

More he reveals, he was invited by one of the members of the House who is also the Vice Chairman of Commission XI that Harry Azhar Aziz to present and discuss this banking bill. However, up to now, the end result of the meeting of the House Banking Bill, the government does not listen to what the outcome directly.

"Before, I was never invited to do the same pack of Harry Azhar Aziz several times to discuss this, nah but I do not know the end result. But this certainly does need to be discussed first with the interested stakeholders before approval by the House of Representatives and mature better let her bill, "he said.

At the same Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus DW Martwardojo already, give advice, so that the DPR should be able to advance the bill Peacekeeping Guarantee Financial System (CRC) for confirmation rather than a banking bill still needs to be sampled to be discussed again.

"If it will be a discussion if we feel that a lot better if the bill advanced CRC rather than banking bill and it is better to come," Agus closed.

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