Sunday, August 17, 2014

NPL Banking growth 0.12% in June 2014

Deputy Commissioner IB Strategic Management Financial Services Authority (FSA) Lucky FA Hadibrata admitted, bank liquidity is still sufficient so far to anticipate the potential withdrawal of Third Party Funds (TPF). "The condition of financial institutions in general and liquidity risk show that liquidity is sufficient to anticipate the potential withdrawal of deposits," he said, in Djojohadikusomo Soemitro Building, Jakarta, Friday, August 15, 2014.

Besides, he added, in terms of credit risk are low quality and credit concentration on core banking debtor is still relatively high. Where NPL (non performing loans) of banks have increased but still below the threshold. Recorded on June 2014 Gross NPL ratio of 2.08%, and 1.12% Nett NPL.

"The number of NPL in June was increased when compared with the previous month ie May 2014, the Gross NPLs increased by 1.96% to 0.12% and 1.01% NPL Nett reach so increased 0.11%," he said.

However, it still Lucky, for banking capital (Capital Adequacy Ratio / CAR) is still quite good and the level is still high CAR of 19.46% which is dominated by components of core capital (Tier 1), relatively stable profitability and ROA indicator relatively stabilposisi June 2014 amounted to 3.02%.

"While the ratio BO / PO showed a decrease of 76.20% as of May 2014 to 75.45% in the month of June 2014," Lucky lid.

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