Thursday, August 28, 2014

BCA Holds Homeownership Interest Rates 9% -11.5% Until End of Year

Although government policies related to the decision to increase fuel oil (BBM) there is no certainty, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) claimed, until this year it has not been willing to raise interest rates mortgage. BCA president director Jahja Setiaatmadja say, at least until the end of this year the average mortgage rates BCA is in the range of 9% -11.5%. "We do not raise the first while until November, December, we look at the situation first fore. Mortgage interest average of 9 to 11.5% which is a fixed rate of 9% -9.5% and 11.5% were floating, "he said, in JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday, August 28, 2014

According to him, the lack of discourse related to the government's decision to raise subsidized fuel prices, it would still be looking at the government's first step. Therefore, the company will still be waiting for a decision if the government wants to raise mortgage rates BCA. "The end result of this policy will determine whether we move or not to raise mortgage rates," he said.

"The decision also affects fuel inikan to inflation, but we'll see how much inflation. If, for example, inflation is 11% -12%, the BI rate to 9%, then yes it may be adjusted. But if, for example, inflation is not too high, the BI rate is 8%, well we need not raise interest us, "added Jahja.

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