Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mandiri Bank's Consumer Credit Rely Car Loans and CWC

T Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk claim will consumer credit growth was driven auto loans or commonly called car loans, and credit without collateral or CWC. This is in line with the slowdown in the demand for credit (mortgage).
"Another Consumer rising is still okay. CWC grew 20 gratuities, car ownership loans, still 30% through Mandiri Tunas Finance, "said Vice President of Consumer Finance Bank, Tardi, Jakarta, some time ago.

According to him, the general consumer sector in Indonesia is still good despite slowing economic growth. The magnitude of the total population in the country is the economic power of its own. He even stressed enough growth in the automotive sector beyond expectations, which then affected the automotive lending bank.

"Automotive disbursed through Mandiri Tunas Finance (a subsidiary company in the field of finance). Good enough for us (Bank Mandiri) strong liquidity, "he said.

As for the CWC itself, Tardi admitted quite developed, especially those distributed to employees who use the bank as a bank payment of his salary. Through cross-selling sales strategy, he said the company could get a qualified debtors so as to reduce risk.

The data from the company, total consumer credit bank reaches Rp60.3 trillion as of end June 2014, 14.9% in a year's growth compared Rp52,4 trillion in the same period the previous year.

When translated, the year the company's growth in auto loans so that the highest growing 55.08% from Rp 7.9 trillion to Rp12,26 trillion. Followed by credit card which grew 31.96% of Rp5,19 trillion to Rp6,85 trillion. Then CWC grew 18.79% of Rp8,96 trillion to Rp10,64 trillion. While mortgages grew only 1.42% of Rp26,13 trillion to Rp26.5 trillion as a result of the tightening of rules by regulators.

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