Monday, May 11, 2015

Four Bank Crime Modus

The existing modus of crime has existed since long time. Now the increasingly sophisticated modus operandi and related inter-country. Banking crime rampant. This mode of banking fraud is also growing. Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) detect, there are about four modes criminal acts are often found in banking crimes. Four modes are, crediting fictitious, withdrawal of funds without the knowledge of  account owner, deposit or savings are not recorded in the books of banks (unrecorded) and also deposit or loan installments that are not passed on to the bank.

Executive Director of DIA Law, Robertus Bilitea explaines that the credit fictitious is the recipient of the credit which credit agreement fictitious, or other person whose name is used. In addition, the practice can also be done with a fictitious business finance.

Meanwhile, the withdrawal modus of criminal offenses without  kby nown owner instance is in the bank's books is not recorded . In fact, customers who deposit funds never attract such deposits.

Two modes such crimes in violation of Article 49 paragraph (1) of the Banking Act of recording false.

Furthermore, the modus of criminal offenses or savings deposits, which are unrecorded. In practice, bank doesn't record in the bank customer deposits books. In fact, customers are depositing money into the bank. This crime stipulated in Article 49 paragraph (1) letter b Banking Law, about not enter or cause it does not register in the bookkeeping.

Meanwhile, for the modus of banking criminal acts in the form of deposits or installment loans which are not forwarded to the bank, for example is the customer deposit a sum of money to Bank employees to deposit or loan payments. However, payment or deposit is not recorded in the books of the bank. This crime violates Article 49 paragraph (1) b of the Banking Act does not incorporate or has not done in the bookkeeping records.

Finally, DIA also find the modus of a felony banking assets in the form of exchange of good banks with bad assets, which is done by the owner of the bank. In fact, this mode of criminal acts done by cross border or cross-country.

"Modus banking crime, is quite sophisticated, since the exchange of these assets affect the bank's capital adequacy ratio," said Robertus

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