Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BTN Opens Oportunity to Increase Loan Target

Easing LTV rules will help business performance BTN, especially for home financing nonsubsidi.BTN claimed was counting back lending targets this year. It is associated with the decision of Bank Indonesia (BI) loosen the rules LTV (Loan To Value).

"The numbers have not come out, do not know, may still be rising, which clearly BTN baseball down," said Director of BTN, Irma A Zahirudin on the sidelines of the Second Congress Banker Association for Risk Management  in Jakarta, Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

He said, easing LTV will help push mortgages significantly. Especially with the Million Houses Programme and FLPP, he believes this year the Company will record loan growth target.

"We still want to boost through the Million Houses Programme, FLPP house about 450 thousand, 350 thousand in non-FLPP. If DP is lowered, the buyer will be more and more, "he added.

In the first quarter, credit growth reached 17% BTN be Rp120,16 trillion in setahunan. Of the total loans, amounting to 88.99% channeled to housing finance.

He also said that BTN noted NPL Housing loans below 3%. As for the overall NPL in the first quarter remained at 4.7% while the target position of the end of 2015 amounted to 3%.

As is known, easing LTV provision only applies to the bank's NPL and NPL total gross mortgage bank below 5%. If if one is not below 5%, then the old rules apply.

Despite the easing responded positively, according to Irma, the Company is also wary of speculators who take advantage of the easing for personal gain. Therefore, according to the Company will tighten credit application.

"In the formulation if the buyer is more and more, but the LTV down as well. Investors are also so much more. We want, that buying a house is to occupy not only to invest, then the interviewee "he said.

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