Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BCA Loosening LTV Credit Rules

Consumer Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) Henry Koenaifi estimate LTV easing the rules could encourage the growth of consumer credit, although not overly aggressive.

If the previous BCA target only consumer lending growth in the range of 8% the lowest and the highest 12%. So after the advance payment rules for motor vehicle loans and mortgage loans (mortgage) loosened, growth is expected in the maximum rate is 12%.

Company boost consumer loans, especially mortgages and vehicle loans with various promos. Since last February, for example, the Bank issued mortgage promo 8.88% per year. BCA also provides a 3-year fixed rate package and the next two years at the maximum cap at 9.99%. As for Vehicle Loans, the Company together with its subsidiary, PT BCA Finance sell lottery prizes such as cars of various brands to reach customers.

Meanwhile, President Director of BCA Yahya Setiaatmadja says, the Company does not merely look at the Motor Vehicle Credit and Housing Credit as consumer credit, but partly a necessity. Therefore, BCA dare gives promos for Vehicle Loans and mortgage.

"We also see, in general, the industry is slightly down in 2015. If we see that, whatever we do to stimulate economic activity, "he says.

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