Friday, July 4, 2014

Standard Chartered Bank CEO Still Optimistic with Potential of Indonesia

Although the national economy is slowing, Standard Chartered still make Indonesia as the mainstay of the market to drive its business in the banking sector. The new CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia, Tse Koon Shee rate, Indonesia's potential to become a force in the world economy is very large. Economic growth could still exceed 5% in the global economic turmoil is proof.

"Standard Chartered remains will continue its commitment. We want to continue the business strategy in Indonesia as one of our strategic markets, "he said in Jakarta, Thursday, July 3, 2014.

The bank branch originating from the UK, believes that the market in Indonesia is one of the keys to the business as a whole group. Tse Koon, adding that Standard Chartered itself has been present in Indonesia since 151 years ago.

"We will serve the bank and the company here, because Indonesia is a potential market. Although the economy slowed, growth remains convincing in the range of 5% larger, "he said.

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