Monday, July 7, 2014

Danamon Bank Increasing BSL

YEAR 2013 be the year full of challenges for national banks. In the middle of macro-economic fluctuations that result in lower purchasing power, the banking industry faced with rising interest rates and tightening liquidity. It also makes the performance of many banks no bright as previous.

The situation was faced by Bank Danamon. However, the bank led as chief executive Henry Ho, is quite fortunate for being able to foster a profit of up to Rp 2,96 trillion in December 2013. Compared with the Bank's earnings in 2012 were Rp 3,25 trillion, the bank's profit at the end of 2013 decreased approximately  8 , 74%. Meanwhile, the achievement of consolidated earnings grew by 1.02% to Rp 416 trillion.

Bank's profit supported by credit growth. "Last year there was an increase in the quality of assets, NPL (non performing loans) fell, thereby contributing to profitability," said Henry Ho, the Bank's exposure to performance, some time ago.

Based on data from the Infobank Bureau of Research, Bank's total loans in 2013 reached Rp 100,77 trillion, up 9.03% (year on year). With the growth of the loan, the bank's net interest income rose 2.34% to participate Rp 7,21 trillion. During the period, total operating income of Bank Danamon rose 19.08% to Rp 16,22 trillion.

Bank's loan growth was mostly contributed by the credit enhancement of the micro, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs). The portion of the SME loans, of which is channeled through the Bank Savings and Loans (BSL) to reach 30% of the Bank's total loans. The loan portfolio through DSP alone in 2013 reached Rp 19,9 trillion, an increase of 6% compared to 2012. To support lending to the micro sector, Bank Danamon intend to return to add 100 branches in new locations, making the total 200 branches.

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