Thursday, July 17, 2014

Commonwealth Bank sets Wealth Management Fund is Growing 15% -20%

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia, as mutual fund sales agents targeting funds under management (AUM) for the wealth management services to grow 15% -20% by the end of 2014. Director of Wealth Management and Products, Commonwealth Bank Indonesia, Kaslan Ryan said, until now the total funds under management in the wealth management services has reached Rp 4, 8 trillion. "Funds under management are now about Rp 4, 8 trillion, growing year-end may be between 15% -20%. We are working to increase that number, "he said in Kaffeine The Foundry, on Wednesday evening, July 16, 2014.

According to him, until the current client wealth management services Commonwealth Bank Indonesia has reached nearly 50,000 customers. As for Customer base of Commonwealth Bank Indonesia has close to 300 thousand customers. According to him, the number of customers will experience a decline in growth in line with the company's focus on business banking.

"But we will continue to improve our customers in subsequent years so that more of our customers to grow again in the future," he said.

Furthermore, he admitted, that the second half of 2014, the Commonwealth Bank Indonesia plans to launch a wealth management products (mutual funds). The reason for the new mutual fund products, the company has filed permits to the relevant authorities. However, the permit has not been approved.

"The second half of 2014 there will be several new mutual fund product, but the product is still waiting for approval. For what kind we can not mention so please wait just after the permit is approved by the authorities, "added Ryan.

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