Thursday, July 3, 2014

ANZ Credit Card Targets 10% Rise During Ramadan

Usually, Expenditure is increased in the month of Ramadan to Eid. The consumption of food, clothing, life style, until vehicles to dominate the post-production. Using credit card facilitates payment transactions, especially to meet a variety of needs for Ramadan. However, if using it, is not controlled can even encrypt their owners later. 

According to the Director of Consumer Financing Bank ANZ Indonesia, Hambali Luskito, at the present time a credit card can help. The question is, with a credit card that customers can enjoy fine without the wait. Could even easier with installment facilities. 

"But, do not ever to be leaked, measure our ability. Should we be sure, the production not more than 35% of the revenue, "said Luskito, on the sidelines of breaking fast with ANZ Indonesia with the media, at Hotel Le Meridien, Jakarta, Thursday, 3 July 2014. 

Luskito added to the credit card business, his target is an increase of around 10% during Ramadan. "Based on experience, during Ramadan consumption up to 10% credit card. Thats our target, "he said. 

Meanwhile, for the business of consumer credit, Bank which based in Australian, aim of growth 14% in 2014. Consumer credit Segment which still huge is a credit card and credit without repayments

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