Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Credit Loan of BII Growth 5% in this May 2014

Internationl Bank PT Bank Indonesia Tbk (BII) has recorded a Credit growth of 5% until May 2014. Whereas last year BII credit until the first half of 2013 has reached 16%. One of the latest is the corporate credit lending. "Corporate loans slowed us this year. I do not know why, "said President Director of BII, Taswin Zakaria, when breaking the fast together with the inhabitants of Jannah Riyadhul boarding school, Sunday, June 20, 2014, in Ciseeng, Bogor, West Java. 

Taswin added, slowing its loan this year because of due to the General Election (Election) in the country or not, he does not know. "However, the banking sector contractions until March. But judging reserves the deficit, the government is trying to shrink the deficit. It also affects the credit to the bank, "he explained.

 Unlike the credit slowdown, BII funds opting in has no trouble. "we do not have problems in Opting public funds. Despite tight liquidity, but we had no problems, "said Taswin.

BII programs that run in the capture of public funds, among others, the program time deposits and parcel streak. "Our streak Gift Program is well known in the community. In addition, we also strengthen our casa funding source, ie a source of cheap funds that want us net of corporate and medium business segment, "he said.

Taswin also explains that this year the bank will aggressively market the program Micro Glow for medium and small businesses. However, the Bank does not penetrate like other banks. "We play in the market. There is a combination of market revitalization and small entrepreneurs. We also approached the woman entrepreneur or community. Micro Loans incandescent are under 500 million , "added Taswin.

 In this flare micro credit marketing, BII has not been having a lot of the Micro Glow Outlet. "We are working with first branch office in the market micro flare," added Taswin.

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