Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Target Credit and Debit Card Citibank is Growing 20%

In order to sustain the growth of Citibank credit cards targeted 20 %, three merelaunch Citibank credit card once the card Premiere Miles, Cashback and Rewards Card to meet the daily needs of its customers. Citibank Indonesia is targeting growth in credit cards and debit cards this year reached 20 %. Because, until now the number of credit cards and each card debetnya reached 1 million and 100 thousand cards.

Retail Bank Head of Citibank Indonesia, Dewi Rustini said card growth target is in line with the population growing or Indonesian people will need to perform payment transactions of his life.

"If we project, we see it in the market, well, if we see in the population is approximately 20 % of increase, so we are targeting at least the same as the growth market," said Dewi, at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

Meanwhile, in order to sustain the growth of Citibank credit card, the company has been relaunched three credit cards at once time. As it is done for, meet the daily needs of its customers, namely Premiere Miles Card, Cashback and Rewards Card.

"So the customer can choose which card according to the needs of each customer. That's what we do as one is to improve our customers' credit cards," she said .

According to him, the three are present in a credit card that has a range of more convenience and benefits for the daily needs of its customers.

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