Monday, March 10, 2014

Post-merger, Hana Bank Chases Grow Loans 27%

Once the merger is expected to grow 27% credit, up to Rp 3 trillion in 2014. Until the end of 2013, loans amounted to Rp 9, 8 trillion. After the merger between KEB Indonesia, with Hana Bank, credit growth is predicted to rise by up to 27% in 2014 with business focus is in the corporate and SME sector, international banking as well as some other choices of products and services for the retail market is segmented.
Hana Bank Director Bayu Wisnu Ward said, after the merger is expected to grow 27% credit, up 3 trillion in 2014. By the end of 2013, loans amounted to Rp 9, 8 trillion or detail is Hana Bank credit growth of Rp 6.3 trillion and Bank KEB Indonesia recorded credit growth of Rp 3.5 trillion

"Although interest rates are now higher, but the business sector is tilled Hana Bank is a local SME and corporate sebagianya Korea is in Indonesia," said Bayu, during a press conference, at the JW Marriot, Kuningan, Jakarta, Monday, March 10, 2014.

Bayu added, although the situation of the banking industry is experiencing liquidity problems, Hana Bank remains optimistic about the growth of Third Party Funds (TPF) continues to grow in line with expectations. Various methods, particularly the acquisition to boost low-cost funds from the business focus Hana Bank after the merger.

"Deposits grew 25%. We will stay focused on our business, SME and corporate. We expect the two sectors of the deposits grow well and as expected ", said Bayu.

Furthermore Bayu said, with deposits and loans are growing well, is expected to have an impact on profit growth. Hopefully, by the end of growth spiders could reach USD 250 billion. The acquisition is considered to be achieved given the result of a merger creating a large bank in Indonesia.

"Our focus for the corporate industry manufacturers have. More SMEs to trade. To become a big bank, we not only grow organically but will grow non-organic ", concluded Bayu.

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