Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bank of East Java still rely on Consumer Credit

Consumer credit, primarily credit multipurpose Bank of East Java which is still relied upon to sustain business growth. BPD East Java PT Tbk (Bank of East Java) noted the contribution of consumer loans 63.5 % of total outstanding loans. Still reliable multipurpose loans to boost the company in business in this segment.
"In East Java there are 450 thousand employees, we are working on a new 50 % for multi-purpose," said President Director of Bank of East Java, Sukrianto Hadi , in Jakarta, Thursday, March 20, 2014.

In total outstanding loans of the Bank of East Java Rp 22, 08 trillion by the end of 2013, up 19.01 % compared to Rp 18,55 trillion by 2012. Consumer loan company recorded 18 % increase Rp 11,88 trillion to Rp 14,02 trillion in one year of .

When specified, the majority of consumer credit is still contributed by the Bank of East Java multipurpose loans of Rp 12.46 trillion, up 16 % from Rp 10.74 trillion. Then followed mortgages (mortgage) with a growth of 56.96 % from Rp 653 billion to Rp 1.02 trillion. Then other credit rose 10.08 % from Rp 494 billion to Rp 544 billion.

"We still focus on the consumer credit. Although we gradually meet Bank of Indonesia regulations, in order to fulfill a minimum of 60 % of productive credit. To speed it up, we set up a micro unit in the first year with a target of Rp 600 billion, then each subsequent year of at least Rp 1 trillion, "said Hadi .

While commercial loans outstanding increased by 30.53 % in setahunan from Rp 3.24 trillion to Rp 4.23 trillion. For small and medium business loans grew 11.62 % from Rp 3.43 trillion to Rp 3.83 trillion .

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