Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bank Mandiri's lack of ability to provide facilities Housing Loan

Bank Mandiri's lack of ability to provide facilities Housing Loan (mortgage) for lower economic class people. The government plans to sell its stake in PT Bank BTN (Persero) Tbk to PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk is considered only creates stagnation of housing development in the area.

This statement was delivered by the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry  Indonesia Field Regional Empowerment, Natsir Mansour, during a discussion at Menara Kadin, Jakarta, Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

"The acquisition by BTN is worried there would be happen of  houses construction stagnation  in the area. Whereas the development of residential homes are being directed to the outside of Jakarta, "Natsir said.

He hoped that the Government could be thought better to sell shares to the Bank BTN, the reason is because there is only one bank that has a role to develop housing for low-income people.

"If it's up to the government wants to acquire or not. However, the government should listen to the stakeholders who reject BTN acquisition, "he said.

According to him, since 1974 BTN has been assigned the Government to serve the availability of housing for low income people (MBR). Therefore, the bank's lack of ability to provide facilities Housing Loan (mortgage) for the people of lower economic class.

"As long as these stakeholders such as REI (Real Estate Indonesia) and Apersi (Indonesian Housing and Residence Developers Association ) and developers outside Jakarta are reject the acquisition. Housing developers outside Jakarta reached 70%, while serving consumers in Jakarta only the upper middle, "Natsir said.

Furthermore, he added, it is hoped that the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises can better focus on developing BTN to optimize its role in meeting the housing backlog still reach 15 million units.

"State-Owned Enterprises Minister is also expected to focus on business segmentation of each state-owned banks, such as residential, industrial, infrastructure and agribusiness. So far we like the supermarket bank, its products too much, so it is not the focus, "he concluded.

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