Thursday, March 13, 2014

Customer's Confidence in the Banking Industry is Increased Again

Based on a survey of more than 32 thousand bank customers in 43 countries trust to the fore that each bank is high and the majority of clients worldwide satisfied. After experiencing a drastic reduction in the last year, Customer's Confidence in the Banking Industry is  increased again. Customer confidence in the success of retail banking increased in a challenging year.

In studies Winning Through Customer Experience, based on a survey of more than 32 thousand bank customers in 43 countries trust to the fore that each bank is high and the majority of clients worldwide banking satisfied with the service provided.

"Further, they recommend their banking service providers", said Global Assurance Banking & Capital Markets Leader, Keith Pogson, told reporters on the sidelines of the launching of the Global Consumer Banking Survey Asia Pacific in 2014 by Ernst & Young, at Graha Niaga, Jakarta, on Thursday, March 13, 2014 .

The survey stated that traditional banking services provided by banks has been quite good, but there are still significant shortcomings, which provide essential services to the customer experience and increasing the number of competitors of new banking services provider.

Pogson explained, the three factors are key in raising revenues is the provision of additional services for clients achieve financial goals, improvements in business transactions, and ease of access to financial experts.

Meanwhil , Chairman of EY Financial Services for Southeast Asia said Liew Nam Soon, fairly successfully increased customer confidence in a challenging year. These successes are substantially the impact of rapid economic growth in the Asia Pacific region.

"This is the trigger for increased confidence in the retail banking in a market with other markets", said Liew.

Based on this survey, further Liew, the customer experience is the main trigger in getting satisfaction as well as a common reason that drives a customer to open and close their accounts at the bank in question.

Furthermore, they said Liew, various other factors such as costs, interest rates, location and ease of transaction is also believed to be a major factor in the transaction between the customers in Southeast Asia.

In Indonesia, for experience with financial services providers as much as 34 % do close accounts and as many as 40 % do open accounts in banks in Indonesia. While in Hong Kong and Malaysia about 45 % and 30 % of the amount of bank customers that makes them say that the trigger on the opening or closing a bank account is a bank branch location factor.

According to Liew, the role played by a very significant branch transactions amid increased activity and interest in digital banking system. This will continue as long as there is no banking transactions can be done online or via phone .

"Changes made to move the services available at the branch office to the digital platform should be a concern," added Liew .

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