Friday, February 28, 2014

Permata Bank is Targeting Wholesale Loans Growing 15%

Bank Indonesia's statement asking the banking industry to curb credit growth, Permata Bank only set a target of 15% of wholesale loans in 2014.

PT Bank Permata Tbk (Permata Bank) admitted just fix the wholesale credit growth of 15% in 2014 . The low wholesale credit targets is because the domestic economy is still not improving.

Permata Bank will be more selective to enter the energy and infrastructure sectors. The target is also in line with the direction of the Bank of Indonesia (BI), banks put the brakes on growth in overall credit .

" Target wholesale this year, about 15 % according to the direction of the BI. Because, look at the condition of our economy has not improved, so we're pretty conservative for loan growth this year, " said Director of Wholesale Banking Bank, Roy A Arfandy, when found in the Main Hall Gallery Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Jakarta , Friday, February 28, 2014 .

He said that this year the wholesale credit Permata Bank will focus on sectors that rely on the domestic market, such as food and beverage, food and beverage industry support, transportation and logistics . " We will also get into the energy and infrastructure sectors selectively, " he said .

While throughout 2013, the total loan portfolio of Permata Bank reached Rp 118.8 trillion, and the total of Rp 57.5 trillion wholesale or nearly half of the total loan portofolio. " Our growth is quite large, around 36 % compared with the previous year. Our target this year half of last year, "said Roy .

Meanwhile, total non-performing loans (NPL) net Bank in 2013 by 0.3 %. " This is quite low when compared to other banks. This year we will keep the same as the NPL ratio last year. We look forward to a more conservative approach, the NPL was not up this year, "he said .

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