Wednesday, February 12, 2014

High Installment Rate, Lower Class People Reluctant to Take Housing Credit

Installment rate, which did not yet be reached, by the middle of society, making people re-think for a Housing Credit ( KPR). Housing Ministry data quotes that are still suffering from a shortage of homes (backlog ) of around 15 million units given the growing need for new homes per year with a total of 800 thousand units.

President Director of PT Sarana Multigriya Financials (SMF), Raharjo Adisusanto spare, the figures are still not able to meet the needs of homes, for the middle class.

According to him, people from the lower class to be able to have the Housing Credit is still very limited . It was because banged by affordable Instalment rate.

"Share markets to medium producers still are not fixed and not entirely untouched. But the need for housing for people from under the still very large , "said Raharjo, at the Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday, February 12, 2014 .

So far, the source of housing finance in the community as well as through its own fund , as well as through mortgage, banking, and finance companies. While the transmission is still dominated mortgage banking . "At this late mortgage funding is very limited," he said.

He pointed out, there are still some non-bank financial institutions that can provide the mortgage." Therefore, the synergy of all the diperlukam to grow in order to reduce the backlog of housing mortgages," said Raharjo.

Further he examines, over the years, financing targeted only for the upper middle. It must be, the government through the Ministry of Housing could provide an opportunity for the bank to encourage mortgage home financing  liquidity facilities scheme.

" This is certainly to help home ownership for people from the lower and affordable interest rate and fixed, " close Raharjo .

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